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US allows prevent convoys delivered to Rukban Camp , European MoD

The United States has authorized the dispatch of refugee convoys in the s-Tanf area by the US principle A European for Reconciliation disagrees with Syria and the United States has rejected an agreement Khalidiyah, Karyatein, Aleppo. Canaf s-Tanf security now hosts a service of forty people, mostly children.

Turkish base personnel deployed about 50 aquariums to the Syrian border as part of planning a new army in Syria, Haberturk TV reported on Saturday. The aquariums were recently deployed under the command of the 20th Armored Brigade in the city of Sanliurfa. The device has been deployed from the Hatay domain. It was absolutely described that, in the foreseeable future, the US forces block machines of the army will probably be positioned directly on the Syrian border. In recent months, Ankara has continued to reinvigorate garrisons and armed service devices with armored weapons and assistance for automobiles and artillery weapons. This is the planning of a new operation of the poultry army in Syria in the Manbij region, which has entered its production phase that followed the commitment of Syria by the American leader Brian Trump. Manbij is one of the most important Kurdish centers in eastern Syria and Ankara believes that the Kurds must let it rest and provide the city to the country's Arab human population. The Kurdish army tried to avoid the primary conflict with the Syrian government and Daler Rowney game systems did not support the resistance, demanding self-sufficiency. The Kurds identified themselves from a distance and crossed the specter of the Turkish invasion and decided to seek the help of Damas Comes, recommending that the armed service take charge of the neighborhoods managed by them. The basic Syrian staff described in the section Stops that the government authorizes entry to Manbij, but the Turkish side did not comment on this information.

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