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Lawson Products, Corporation. Laws and regulations, -. 36%, service provider for the MRR industry, announced today the purchase of Mess Products, Corporation. SPI. Purchases stopped October 1, 2018. Financial transactions are not shared. Based in Dallas, Arizona, SPI can be a leading localized supplier of large industrial The Turn of products for large corporations and specialty stores. SPI provides custom suppliers and distributors of labels, subwoofer assemblies and mounting kits in their Dallas and Dayton, Ohio warehouses. The organization generates approximately $ 3,000 in revenue. "SPI's extensive know-how and cost-effective execution in its market segments has generated strong revenue and buyer growth," said Michael DeCata, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Executive Officer of Lawson Products. "This financial transaction Screw & Bolt Drive screwdriver set at screwdriverset is further evidence of our commitment to focus on rigorous and disciplined spending research, and Lawson is well positioned to grow its business in the markets and markets segment as well as to grow its revenues. in the same way, SPI and Lawson, "said DeCata. "We were pleased to join Lawson Products and are excited to leverage their sources and expertise," said Bill Marthens, Manager and CEO of Mess Products, Corporation. "Lawson contributes to our determination for advanced customer service and to grow our revenue, of course, in a cost-effective way, offering excellent long-term performance under Lawson." SPI's significant revenue and operations staff continue to account for their current credit to Marthens, who will manage your Lawson Products Acquires day-to-day tasks as the representative representative of the industry's growth for Lawson Products.

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