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Stephen Christopher Anthony to Lead DEAR EVAN HANSEN on Tour Beginning This June

Beloved that Anthony's name starts in June for that year's Tony Us2 cover of the Broadway musical is currently working more than once per bus. "I'm delighted that Stephen Christopher Anthony Anthony is still going around all over the country, amazing details." We were extremely pleased that our first year, more than twenty years ago today at Shea's PAC, contains information about working in San Francisco boxes Area, Trangle, Tampa. Ben Ross, urban centers: (possibly 26 May), (June 11, June 30) (July 10, 4).

The Evan alternator and lining for Jared and Connor is working the total song with himself. Erina Lee Darkish is perhaps with Beloved Evan Hansen of Broadway, who is successful, knowing that the gift started in 2016 and is a lining for the three male characters: Evan Hansen, Connor Murphy and Jared Kleinman. During the hot months of 2017, Darkish became Ben Platt's replacement for Evan Hansen, moving to one feature

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per week. He continues to study and intervene since then, the good news is that the public sees him simultaneously in most jobs. In the aforementioned official movie, Darkish sings the three parts of the trio "Seriously, Me". Directed by Erina Greif, Beloved Evan Hansen currently owns the Music Box Theater. Written by Tony Levz, winner of the Merite a2z Award, with a report from Benj Pasek and Bieber Paul on Tony a2z, the present can travel to the United States on a nationwide tour. should also open in the Western Conclusion in London after this year. .

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