Provincetown Training Camp


On Friday January 13th members of the UNH cycling team arrived on the cape of Massachusetts hoping the weekend would bring them good fortune and good weather.

The first day dawned sunny, with a high of 36 degrees and some fierce winds reaching 20-30 mph. The UNH'ers headed out to explore the cape and didn't finish until they covered 72 miles.

The next day brought snow and colder temperatures. Again, the UNH riders rolled out from Provincetown and managed to cover some serious distance. Despite some cold extremities the team enjoyed the snow day ride. Pat Galvin even went as far as to say "I don't really mind the cold, it gives me an excuse to wear my onesie!"


Our third day at camp was another sunny but cold day. We set out on the longest ride of the weekend. The destination was Chatham and we rode there and back with an almost perfect combination of rail trail and roads. In honor of MLK the team rode 88 miles together. The combined mileage for the weekend is a bit different from rider to rider but a solid base was built for everyone.

A few shout outs are in order: Greg had it on lockdown with the navigation. Our coach Tony Eberhardt came up with the idea, kept us fed and kept us all out there riding. Our freshman team mates pushed themselves long miles through cold weather and I'm proud to say they killed it. Our alumni friend only known as "the wizard" also made the trip and we were glad he was there.